Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why Night?

As you continue reading Elie Weisel's novel Night, please consider why he chose this particular title.

Remember, I am with my daughter's forth grade class either going (Thursday morning) or in St. Louis. Please work on the following in class:
  • The sub has a Writer's Notebook prompt. Read, respond, and place in your notebook.
  • Continue reading Night thru page 28 in class.
  • Then take the quiz...not open book!
  • Now read pages 29-90+....ooops...can't remember the exact final page...just completed the chapter that ends in the 90's.

Attending Prom? Enjoy...and please be safe!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For April 16

My son broke his ankle jumping off a running (runaway) horse yesterday evening...I would not recommend this to anyone in the future!

Got in at 4:00 AM this morning from Children' delayed until swelling goes down.

  • If the students finish early or get off task (talking too much or on sites not about the Holocaust), take them back to the room and assign Night. Novels are in the classroom.
Here's what you should work on today...

  • Be sure your blog is updated. Click here for a list of topics due.
  • previous blog about the all assignments due on this research essay. TURN IN LATE WORK!
  • Then...create your PowerPoint and your speech outline. A few reminders: few words on each slide, a picture is worth at least 14 words, be careful with the use of sounds (they can be so annoying!).
  • Speeches begin on the order listed on the Think Tank.
  • Let me think...No, I can think of no reason for surfing the Internet for any other topics than the Holocaust...or your blog...or the Think Tank.

Questions? Leave me a comment or send me an email., work, work today. I expect to hear great things from the substitute!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holocaust Reseach Essay

Here are the steps we have either completed or are about to complete...
  1. List of three url's and designate whether a primary or a secondary source. Remember: one primary and two secondary are required. Talk with me if you need to vary these numbers. Also, remember this is a minimum number of sources. You, of course, may use more in your essay!
  2. Completed annotation form for each source and a copy of your preliminary Works Cited page and preliminary outline.
  3. Post your preliminary introduction as a comment in the Think Tank.
  4. Turn in a draft of your cover, outline, essay, Works Cited page, and sources used in your essay.
  5. Now begin drafting your PowerPoint for your in-class presentation on your essay topic.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Book Review Due by Monday!

This week completes the third week of this nine week! Please post a review on your blog of your greatest out-of-class read by Monday.

If reading a book that counts as more than one, please let me know before Monday.

Remember to post at the end of your review on a separate line in italics how many pages your book has.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Look at April 6-10

This week we advance into our study of the Holocaust as we prepare to read Elie Weisel's Night.

Past Due...
  • Butterflies need to flutter into my room...NOW!
To-Do List:
  1. Go to our class collaboration wiki...The Think Tank...and request access to the wiki. This will send me an email, upon which I will respond and grant you access as a writer to this wiki.
  2. Post your introduction to your Holocaust essay there as a comment.
  3. Draft the body of your essay. Be sure to include parenthetical citation, which keeps you from plagiarizing! Click here to see sample parenthetical citations.
  4. As you read and review your topic, be planning the info/pics to include on your PowerPoint presentation. Have a video you would like to embed into your PowerPoint? Let me know...together we can do that too!
  5. Prepare cover page, outline, and Works Cited page.

Questions? Please ask...or send me an email. Thanks!