Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aug. 31-Sept. 1: Leave a Comment!

Please read today's announcements.

Today's Writer's Notebook topic: Please read this post by children's book author Janette Rallison on her blog: "Where Children's Book Author's Work." In your notebook, discuss where you write. Describe this inspiring place and explain why you choose that particular place(s).

Please complete this form and provide your email address for this class:

Now let's practice leaving a comment on a blog post! Please read this story. The man featured in this story was definitely a Pioneer! Please leave a comment in which you feature someone you know that is a "giving" person. Thanks!

Other topics for today:

  1. Posting metaphors. Go to Cafe English 11. Request access to this wiki. Go to Week 1 edit. Then follow directions.
  2. Create blogs! Go here to think about your blog title.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 27-28: Completing Your Writing Process

First, read today's announcements.

Today's Student Learner Expectaions:

  1. W.4.10.14 Use available technology for all aspects of the writing process

  2. W.4.11.12Apply grammatical conventions for capitalization, punctuation, formatting, and spelling

  3. W.7.10.1: Use figurative language effectively with emphasis on metaphor and symbolism

May we review some punctuation rules? Please click on the following link...go slowly, for we will work through these together! Goal? Let's make a 100% on this quiz!

Peer Edit Reviews. Now you will share your metaphor paper with two others. You may complete the peer edit form online or in print format (use the paper copy I hand out).

Now, the results are yours. Take the peer edit forms and use the suggestions to your advantage.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 25-26

First, please read today's announcements.

Please complete the following set of questions:

This form was created using Google application you can now access and utilize when needed thanks to your creating a Google account when you created your Gmail. Yes, I will show you how to do to create such soon as we all have our emails created.

Please click here to check out the source for the last question.

The beauty of such an exercise in using just six words establishes the importance of word choice. Here's a challenge for you: (Go ahead...raise your right hand...and solemnly promise) From this moment on, I will attempt to NOT use "is" as the only verb in a sentence.

Is it a crime to use just "is" as your main verb? NO! The overuse of "is," though, does allude to your writing style and screams to all your readers: I AM A LAZY WRITER.

Do you know that in re-reading this post, I had to change several uses of "is"?(That's right...go ahead...count how many times I used "is" as the only verb within a sentence.) Answer? In a few minutes, I will tell you how many verbs I had to revise...just one small step towards developing my writing style even more.

"No-No" List!

Starting sentences with "I think....I feel...I believe"
Seconnd person = "you"
Starting sentences with "There are...there were..."
Contractions = can't, don't, aren't...


1. Draft metaphorical paper.
2. Select your out-of-class read.
3. Set up your gmail account and your Penzu account.

So far so good! We are off to a grand start!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 1 Is Here!

Welcome to English 11!

Please complete the following two surveys:

Student Information ~ Day 1
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R U Techie?
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REMEMBER: No one will read your results except for myself! Thanks!